Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Caffeine Found to be Boosting Erectile Action!

The mammoth like existence of the disease called erection dysfunction and its omnipresence has forced and triggered a number of studies and researches into the disease, especially after the invention of the very famous ED drugs about a decade ago. Though even prior to the invention of the oral ED pills ED medications existed they were more often than not ineffective. Today however times have changed and there are as effective ED treatments as the oral drugs, albeit a little complicated. There are many people who are not tolerant to any of the ED pills, not even to levitra which is touted to be the safest among the three, for them these ED treatments can be of great use. The ED drugs basically work by preventing the breakdown of a chemical called cGMP which triggers erection. All the famous ED drugs contain phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5) inhibitors. This is the chemical that prevents the breakdown of cGMP.

Though ED is now fairly defeated by medical science, still researches into the disease continue in order to know the disease better. This will in turn enable mankind to invent better and safer and a larger variety of ED drugs. In a similar study conducted recently, it was found that caffeine can be helpful in boosting up erection functions in men. The study was actually conducted on rats and the results were very encouraging. However, whether caffeine will be of help to the men with ED is still to be proved. Another factor that comes in is that the researchers who conducted the study have said that caffeine can be especially of help to those men who are victimized by ED due to diabetes. The chances of caffeine helping men with diabetes induced ED is however not as much as in the men who have ED without diabetes. Diabetes is a very fertile cause of ED. Though it is unbelievable it is absolutely true that almost 75% of diabetics are troubled by ED.

The fact that other elements like caffeine, apart from the ED drugs can be helpful in ED treatment is indeed heartening news. However, this does not imply that diabetic men with ED can cure the latter by sipping down buckets of coffee. It has not been proved that caffeine is capable of curing ED completely on its own. Yes, it has been claimed that in case a diabetic men with ED has more than required dose of caffeine he will need to have a less than required dose of medicine. Apart from this the exact degree of effects of having caffeine is still to be determined. The ED drugs work by preventing the breakdown of cGMP in the penis, where as caffeine does the task in the entire body. Among the ED medications as I have already mentioned levitra is often advertised to be safe for the people with heart ailments and diabetes. People actually tend to buy levitra because of this plus point. Inspite of these plus points one should never forget the levitra dangers that can ensue if the drug is had without levitra prescription. There are certain online pharmacies that claim to sell ED drugs without prescription. One should always beware of such pharmacies. Even in the case of levitra always ensure that you are given a prescription when you Buy Levitra Online.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Radiation Workers Beware! you Might Get Struck by Ed!

In many cases environment is responsible for giving rise to diseases. That is the reason why there are people who are vulnerable to a particular disease mainly because of their work environment or their working conditions. For example, the workers in the mines are vulnerable to a number of diseases and risks. The people who are working in the oil industry are also at health risk and so are the white collar professionals whose job is to sit for hours together in front of computers. In short the work that a person does can actually land him in a number of health related mishaps.

It is not as if a person can only get external pains, aches or cuts at work sometimes he can also develop serious diseases like cancer. Many suffer from problems related to the five sense organs.

Nowadays there are a number of jobs where the people are exposed to radiation. Radiations are as such not congenial from the health point of view. There are people who are working on the affects of radiations on the human body or for that matter in the human mind. Radiations have been found to have an ill effect on the male sexual organ also. The penis doesn't get affected as such, as it does not change externally, but radiations exposure might land a man in the dark room of erection dysfunction! Yes, you got it right. I am talking about impotence. Studies have shown and almost proved that men who are exposed to radiations because of their work or even otherwise, are vulnerable to ED. Thus one more cause has been added to the magnum list of ED causes.

However, the good news is that men who experience ED because of radiation, might only suffer temporarily. Most of the ED instances found in men exposed to radiations are not permanent and might show improvement as soon as there is a change in the working environment. The matter of concern here is that it might not be congenial and even possible for one and all to give up their job. There are people who no matter how much they change their jobs, their job profile is such that they will have to work in conditions involving radiations.

There is no hard and fast rule that people who are exposed to radiations will have erectile dysfunction. There are only strong chances. And until and unless a person visits a specialist in the related fields there are meager chances of recovery. Erectile dysfunction from radiations can only be treated by those doctors who are skilled in both the departments.

Nowadays ED cures in the form of pills or medicines can also be sorted by the patient under doctor's guidance. Most of the Online Pharmacies deal in ED drugs like levitra online which can be sorted if the concerned person fulfills the medical conditions required for Levitra prescription. Discounted rates and cheap prices club for the reason why people prefer to shop online; they get the option to buy levitra like medicines at cheap rate. A very important development of levitra pill over the other ED medications is that it can be given to hypertension and diabetic persons also. These ailed people can also Buy Levitra online and enjoy a life with the same youthful vigor and excitement that they did in their peak days!

Ed Drugs Can Bring Relief to Men Suffering From Urinary Tract Infection!

The kind of furor that the erectile dysfunction drugs created when they were introduced in the market for the first time was nothing less than that created by the launch of a much awaited multi starrer blockbuster film. The ED drug producers left no stone unturned in giving a dream launch to their drugs so that they could make an impact on the minds of the people and as a result hike up the sales. The smart and extravagant marketing strategies worked big time as all the oral ED pills are making billions today. One of the ED pills just celebrated its 10th birthday. Even this event was publicized as a mega scale event. The good part is that the ED drugs are not just cashing in on the publicity, they have matter and they are actually showing turnaround results in the ED affected population.

Apart from treating ED, these well known ED medications also have some positive side effects. There are three famous approved ED drugs available in the market. All three have different elements as their primary component. These elements have varied sorts of positive effects on people ailing from some other subsidiary disease apart from erectile dysfunction. ED pills are known to have some healing effects on the heart also! Now it has been proved that a person who is under ED treatment with any of the ED drugs can also be treated of urinary tract infection, if he has any. Sildenafil the main ingredient of Viagra has especially been found to have a positive effect on UTI, the acronym of urinary tract infection, apart from treating erectile dysfunction. Likewise, Vardenafil HCl the principal component of ED drug Levitra has been proved to be tolerant to the patients who have old age ailments like heart related problems and diabetes. However, don't jump to conclusions, because the actual side effects of all the ED drugs are much more harmful; at times life threatening also, than their positive ones. These side effects deem it unfit that these drugs be had without prescription. If you happen to be an ED patient and if you are successfully undergoing ED treatment with any of these drugs than you are lucky. You are still luckier if some other illness is being positively helped by these ED pills. However, ED drugs should not be had without prescription with the hope of curing some other illness! This kind of an irresponsible behavior might be absolutely disastrous.

Earlier in the paragraph I mentioned about Levitra which is the newest entry in the distinguished league of the successful ED drugs. It was introduced online right from when it was launched. It is available with the Online Pharmacies and so you can Buy Levitra by ordering it online. You should beware of any source that buys or sells an ED drug without prescription. If you will not pay importance to this small but basic fact than no one but you will be the eventual loser.