Sunday, September 27, 2009

Radiation Workers Beware! you Might Get Struck by Ed!

In many cases environment is responsible for giving rise to diseases. That is the reason why there are people who are vulnerable to a particular disease mainly because of their work environment or their working conditions. For example, the workers in the mines are vulnerable to a number of diseases and risks. The people who are working in the oil industry are also at health risk and so are the white collar professionals whose job is to sit for hours together in front of computers. In short the work that a person does can actually land him in a number of health related mishaps.

It is not as if a person can only get external pains, aches or cuts at work sometimes he can also develop serious diseases like cancer. Many suffer from problems related to the five sense organs.

Nowadays there are a number of jobs where the people are exposed to radiation. Radiations are as such not congenial from the health point of view. There are people who are working on the affects of radiations on the human body or for that matter in the human mind. Radiations have been found to have an ill effect on the male sexual organ also. The penis doesn't get affected as such, as it does not change externally, but radiations exposure might land a man in the dark room of erection dysfunction! Yes, you got it right. I am talking about impotence. Studies have shown and almost proved that men who are exposed to radiations because of their work or even otherwise, are vulnerable to ED. Thus one more cause has been added to the magnum list of ED causes.

However, the good news is that men who experience ED because of radiation, might only suffer temporarily. Most of the ED instances found in men exposed to radiations are not permanent and might show improvement as soon as there is a change in the working environment. The matter of concern here is that it might not be congenial and even possible for one and all to give up their job. There are people who no matter how much they change their jobs, their job profile is such that they will have to work in conditions involving radiations.

There is no hard and fast rule that people who are exposed to radiations will have erectile dysfunction. There are only strong chances. And until and unless a person visits a specialist in the related fields there are meager chances of recovery. Erectile dysfunction from radiations can only be treated by those doctors who are skilled in both the departments.

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